I'm trying to import mails and adresses from outlook express to groupwise 8. I use the groupwise 8 client to do the import (so the Novell way of doing this). When I use the gw8 client, the import is ****. The import stops sometimes, has problems with special characters, all folders have the same name and so we cannot import data from outlook express.

When I use the GW7 client all seems fine. The folders are created correctly, no problems with special characters. Why is Novell offering such a functionality in the client that does not work. And why did they break this function in gw8? What is going on there? There is no Novell-way of import pst's (outlook connector is crappy and eol, pst import utility is crappy and no longer supported) and outlook express imports do not work with gw8. How can this be one of the three big mail systems?

Has anyone experiences with that?

Thank you,