Since I've implemented Patch Management in my organization I've cycled through several different workstation types, but recently I'm having trouble with this past year's computer model in that patching always fails.

What is happening is that I have narrowed the patching down to doing the individual machines (HP dc7900). I'll select the patches I want to push go through the wizard using default settings and force the restart. The deployment process will go successfully but the install/launches will fail.

In the reporting I'll get a remediate.exe failure with a Windows error: Unknown error (0xffffffff) on the bundle package. On the workstation I'll get notification messages for every patch in the bundle. Overall ZCM status reporting says that the package was successfully deployed but in actuality absolutely zero updates are applied.

This happens the same for every dc7900 in our building which were set up using the same process as dc5700 and two generations of dc5800 workstations that all patch successfully. Has anyone run into a similar situation? Thanks!