I'm looking for standard practice for setting these up. We are getting some unwanted lag logging in (5 minutes) for users. Next week we have 13,000 students coming back to school and will be logging into the student machines which I'm worried may kill us.

Here's our current setup:
ZCM server: two of them, Windows 2008 Server 64bit, 4 vCPU's (AMD 2.3Ghz per core), 4096MB RAM
SQL2008: 1 dedicated, 2008 Server 64bit, 4 vCPU's, 9200MB RAM

Closest server rule has been applied by our ZEN guy (agent was installed from our first zen server on all images and Novell said closest server rule is the only thing we can do to load balance between the two servers).

We are running ZCM 10.3.0 (Zen guy updating to 10.3.1 in the next few days).

I'm looking for the best practice for running these in VMware.

I know I'm missing some details, so if you need more, I can supply.

Thanks in advance.