Hi All

I'm running BM3.8 with the very latest patches on Netware 6.5SP2 ...

We are having a problem on certain IP addresses where they cannot get
the Internet through the proxy.
I have confirmed its a proxy problem as if I enable NAT on that address
it will work. Also if I take our internal intranets out of the bypass
proxy list I can no longer browse to them by going through the proxy.

I've also captured packets on problem machines. I can see the machine
send off a HTTP GET request ... but it then gets no reply from
BorderManger ...

In addition to this to check that it is a server problem I have given
problem addresses to different machines. The problem follow the address
round. Also if I reset the bordermanager server everything works for a
while. Until the problem addresses begin to build up again...

This is really strange and I'd appreciate any help in solving this. I
can't seem to find anyone else having this problem ...

Many Thanks

Peter Horner
Barton Peveril College