Im running Groupwise 6 on Netware 6. I have around 250 users but I only have one user experiencing issues. When she tries to login with the Groupwise client on her desktop she experiences a File I/O error given to her by the client itself. There is no specific error code it merely states "File I/O Error. I have tried logging in with her account on a different pc and get the same issue. No other users are experiencing the same issue. I have reinstalled the client on her pc and that didnt fix the problem either. Also, when I look in OFUSER folder in the Post Office directory the user I am working with has three files instead of one like everyone else. There is a Data Base File which everyone else has as well. There is also a "$db" file and a "DBA" file one is "UserW53.$db" and the other is "UserW53.DBA" Are these files the cause of the problem and can I delete them. I have ran Groupwise check on her mailbox several times and that didnt fix the problem either. Any suggestions?