I migrated (using the migration utility) TWO apps from ZFD7. Both migrated okay.

The first one is now a bundle. ALL it does is deploy TWO registry keys. In ZFD7, IF I allowed the "show progress" to show up it would display for MAYBE 1 second (that's how fast it deployed the registry keys).

In ZCM, it takes about 10-15 seconds to deploy the keys (based upon the length of time the "deploying" progress thingy shows up)

The other item (now a bundle) was just a Network (UNC path) based install of GroupWise MSI and it just seems to go fine (ie, same amount of time as before) but obviously that's not deployed from the content repo.

I'm the only one using the ZCM server at this point, so the load is nothing. I'm also using external Oracle database.

Just wondering if it's normal for ZCM to be this slow (logins are signficantly slower than with ZFD, but apparently the BEST time I can hope for is about 45-50 seconds compared to about 10 seconds with ZFD--makes it a VERY hard sell to our management/CIO/users when the "new" and improved takes 5x longer to let you login).