I am doing a migration of my Groupwise system from Netware to Windows server 2008, here is my line of thinking. please let me know if this is correct.

System is currently running on nw65sp8 at \\server\volumne\nccdom and \\server\volumne\nccpo. It is running GW 7.03 I have built a GW8.02 on windows server and it is running at e:\dom and e:\po.
My plan is to upgrade the 7 system (domain and po) to 8.02 on the netware box first, then shutdown everthing (poa, mta,gwia,webacc) backup \nccdom and \nccpo and restore on the 2008 server (with windows services stopped) in the e:\ and then rename them to dom and po. Will this work? Will I have any issues with libraries or anything else?

Thanks in advance.