Has anyone seen the following or know of a fix?

This has previously been raised as an issue with Novell but the
official response was that Firefox is not a supported product so they
are unable to take it further.

BorderManager 3.8 sp2a
Mozilla Firefox1.0 (on Windows 2k/XP)

When SSL authentication is enabled on the Proxy server and the user
hits a web site, they do not get prompted for a Bordermanager login
page, instead HTML source code (of BMLogin page) is displayed in the
browser. Works OK in IE but not in Firefox (also works OK with CLNTRUST
running). Have tried turning off TLS in the browser settings and this
has not helped.

Applying FP3E has fixed issues with MAC users and Safari Browser but
not Firefox

Further testing, by Novell, showed that:
"There have been various issues found with browsers like
Mozilla,including ones related to their pre cache/fetch features that
make them seem like a faster browser. In testing Novell has found if
you hit a BorderManager proxy with SSL authentication turned on over a
slow connection, eg Dial up or wireless we find there are no issues
with the login page. However, when the proxy is hit on a fast
connection eg10/100 mb ethernet we start to see various issues with
responses,including the ones we have seen at <your site> and in my
testing in my Lab."

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Colin Pearce