From time to time our users will get the message you see below. The IT guys at the domain I'm sending to say they are not tracking how many undeliverables are being sent to them and are not generating the rejection message. They're saying that groupwise is generating the message. Our GWIA is sending the message to the user but I think it's just passing along a message that was generated by their email server or some device in between. I can't find anything in the properties of our GWIA object or any of our groupwise objects that say anything about a "Too many invalid recipients" threshold. Does Groupwise even have such a setting?



Date: 8/24/2010 3:16 PM

Subject: Message Status - Undeliverable

The attached file had the following undeliverable recipient(s):

Information about your message:

Subject: test - Lake County SAO

GroupWise Message Id: 4C741939.9B8:243:54455

Message log tag: 304301

Number of send attempts: 1

Time of initial send attempt: 08-24-10 15:10:53

Transcript of session follows:


Response: 550 Too many invalid recipients