We're moving to roll out Win 7, Novell Client 2 IR2 and ZCM 10.3 this September but are having some last minute issues with restricting access to Novell Client menu settings using the registry.

I realise that there has been some discussion about ADMX files but we'd like to be able to restrict asap.

The issues we are having are quite puzzling. Whilst running a registry change, either from ZCM directly, a bundle running script that changes the registry or even just having an icon on the desktop that an administrator clicks.. upon a reboot, the settings are "ignored" even though they are in the registry and for that session, the menu items are greyed out.

Has anyone else come across this? I know changing registry keys isn't ideal but it's currently the only way we have of controlling the options.

I've tried adding the registry keys via an MSI but this upsets things more!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.