I am running into an interesting issue with my DHCP service and the Cisco WLC. I have multiple VLAN's each getting DHCP from a different server. I also have different SSID's and depending on what physical part of my network a wireless client is on depends on which server responds. This has worked for several years. I recently started my move from NetWare to OES2. The Subnet that houses my new OES2 server with DHCP is also the location for the WLC. I have started getting wireless clients pulling IP addresses from the wrong VLAN. The wireless client would be on SSID1 with a subnet of 10.1.57.x but pull an IP address from SSID2 which has a subnet of 10.1.158.x. The only major change I have made to the system was moving from server 1 which is a NetWare 6.5.8 box to server 2 which is an OES2SP2 box each box is online and the Cisco WLC config was changed to reflect the new IP address.

My question(s): Is anyone running a OES2 DHCP server and running Cisco WLC with multiple SSID's successfully? My assumtion has been that DHCP is DHCP at the basic form. And since I am only handing out IP/Default GateWay/DNS information to the clients that the NetWare and OES service would perform the same.

Thanks for any advice or assistance.