Hi all
We have started with testing the GW-Mobility Server.
It works well with Android 2.1 (HTC Legend) and iOS4 (iPod Touch).
But I'm not able to synchronize with a Nokia E71 or E72.

E71 problem:
If I press synchronize it starts and says "connected" but afterward I got the following error message: Connection error - Try again later.
In the default.pipeline1.mobility-AppInterface.log file I see the following entry:
"2010-09-01 13:31:50.120 INFO [CP WSGIServer Thread-21] [DeviceInterface:750] [userID:] [eventID:] [objectID:] [] ldap_authenticate for user zbes"
So it seems the device has a connection to the mobility server.

E72 problem:
No error message but also nothing synchronized.

Interesting is, that if I send an email from the devices it will be delivered (both E71 and E72).

We use GW8.0.2 and Mobility Pack Build 97.

Any Ideas what could be wrong?
Thanks and best regards