we have a windows 7 installation with novell client2 sp1 ir3. The default context is " user.buero".
so if we log in with a user (e.g. joe) joe logs in and with the dlu from zcm there will be created a local user account for windows, so far it is ok.
But if we have a user (marc) which have a context "mobile.user.buero" there are problems.
It is possible to login the first time for example

Novell login: marc.mobile

it works and the dlu from zcm create a local account for user marc,

But if marc tries a second time to login (after the local user account is created) with marc.mobile,
novell login is successful but local login doesnot work, because windows is looking for marc.mobile but there is no account with marc.mobile.

I remember we had this same thing with windows 2000 a long time ago, we solved it, but I dont remember how we solved that (maybe it was a registry, or a patched novell client)

Is there any idea to that problem