A couple things.

1st, I've found that using the Bordermanager VPN with a Sprint SmartView client doesn't work. When trying to initiate the VPN connection the server the server shows "8-31-2010 8:51:58 am Error: Pre shared key mismatch for peer , cookies my-his 4329A79D23B12B8E-412A1F036D94F996" a number of times 'til the connection finally fails. Anyone have any ideas why that would be and if there is a workaround? It does work through a Sprint connection when the Sprint Card is on a CradlePoint router that my client connects to over WiFi, so it's not a Sprint issue, but specific to the SmartView client.

I've searched for alternate clients trying to see if it's something specific to the BorderManager VPN Client but have come up bust. Anybody have any recommendations of alternate VPN clients I could try?

Thanks guys,