Hi Craig,

Hopefully you might be able to help me with this.
To troubleshoot the problem with certain IP addresses not working with
the proxy I changed our proxy.cfg file from your file which we were
using, back to the default proxy.cfg file.
I left it with the default file for a few days and never received any
problems. As that was working ok, I started to use your proxy.cfg
again, a couple of days later some machines have stopped working.

Any ideas what setting in the proxy.cfg might be causing this sort of
problem? As I would like to carry on using this custom proxy.cfg is it
improved performance, and made it easier unloading and reloading the server.


Peter H
Barton Peveril College

Craig Johnson wrote:

> In article <44BVd.1081$e01.1023@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com>, Peter

Horner wrote:
>> I'm running BM3.8 with the very latest patches on Netware 6.5SP2 ...

> Very latest, as in tip #1 at the URL below?
> Try the proxy.cfg file from tip #63.
> Craig Johnson
> Novell Support Connection SysOp
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Thanks Craig ...

Just looked at the patch list ... i'm missing one or two ... i will
update soon ...

I was using your proxy.cfg file for quite a while, which did improve
server performance ... but i've changed it back to the original for the
time being to see if the problem goes away ...
since bringing the server backup with the old proxy.cfg there haven't
been any problems ... but i'll see how it goes ... machines can
sometimes stop working straight away or after a few days ...


Hi All

I'm running BM3.8 with the very latest patches on Netware 6.5SP2 ...

We are having a problem on certain IP addresses where they cannot get
the Internet through the proxy.
I have confirmed its a proxy problem as if I enable NAT on that address
it will work. Also if I take our internal intranets out of the bypass
proxy list I can no longer browse to them by going through the proxy.

I've also captured packets on problem machines. I can see the machine
send off a HTTP GET request ... but it then gets no reply from
BorderManger ...

In addition to this to check that it is a server problem I have given
problem addresses to different machines. The problem follow the address
round. Also if I reset the bordermanager server everything works for a
while. Until the problem addresses begin to build up again...

This is really strange and I'd appreciate any help in solving this. I
can't seem to find anyone else having this problem ...

Many Thanks

Peter Horner
Barton Peveril College