I'm using build 97 on GW 8.02

It appears that when I post appointments / reminder notes to my default user calendar, everything processes fine and syncs to both my iPhone (iOS 4) and my Windows Mobile 6.5 (HTC Touch Pro 2) device.

However, I also have 3 sub-calendars. The iPhone picks them all up flawlessly... The WM Device does not seem to understand that it needs to sync the sub-calendars. In the Datasync Web Admin, it shows that I have a lot of events "Pending" to be synced in the sub-calendars for the WM device, but 0 that actually sync. I don't see any settings to enable the syncing of multiple calendars on the WM device similar to the way it is set up on the iPhone.

If I monitor the logs, I can see the events being passed through the connectors in all of my calendars, but never show up on the device, even with a manual resync / re-init of the device.

I'm not sure if this is a WM or Datasync issue, or if there is a workaround to be able to sync my sub-calendars to my phone, but wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue and knows of a solution.