Hello Everyone

I have inherited a Novell OES2 SP2 environment from someone else. One
of the things that has been setup is rsync between 6 servers (6
different cities over WAN) to keep a bunch of folders and their contents
in sync

The IT Director has told me the biggest issue is timing and keeping
track of changes etc. Well you can't keep track. If a user opens a
file in city1 and another user in city 3 opens the same file in their
local copy, the last one to save it wins when rsync happens

I started to read about DFS. So here is my questions

1) Does this service keep all the files and trustees synced between all
the servers?

2) Does it control when a file is opened that it shows as read only when
someone else opens (either the 2nd person is local office or other city)

3) Do I have to rebuild the existing NSS volumes to do this on each
server at each location?

I have 2 main folders at the root of the NSS Volumes from each server
that are being synced by RSYNC


Thank You