BM 3.8 sp2 running on Netware 6.5 sp2. Trying to get automatic
redirection of web-site on inside of network from http:// to https:// to
work properly through the BM HTTP Accelerator. Have accelerator
configured for both port 80 and 443. Both work, but I want http:// to
auto-redirect to https:// to force SSL connection. I'm using the Apache
rewrite functionality. It works perfectly on the private side of the
network, but when coming in from outside through the accelerator, I get
"cannot display page" errors if I use http:// . https:// works fine if
I key that into the browser to start with. Can't find anything in
knowledge-base or documentation about doing auto-redirection thru the

Anybody out there tried this?


Mark Hepinstall, MCNE