This is my third try to resolve this issue. I think I have the syntax right
now, but it still is not functioning.

I am trying to duplicate the functionality I have with ZfD 7 and ZAM 7.5
with ZCM 10.3. In ZfD 7 I have a NAL app that runs every time a user logs
in and records user attributes from eDirectory in the Windows registry.
Basically, in the Distribution Option -> Registry section it writes values
like "Email = %Internet_EMail_Address%" and "Department = %OU%" where the
parameters like %OU% refer to eDirectory attributes of the user.

After some advice from Thomas (thsundel) above who provided this link: I
determined that what I needed to do was use the "Special Macro" format for
ZCM. I followed the advice in the to create a bundle which displayed
attributes with the syntax: Department = ${OU}. So far so good. Then I
built another simple Windows bundle with two launch actions: (1) a Prompt
User action which displays the desired attributes (for testing purposes)
followed by a Registry Edit action which writes the same data to special
keys in the HKLM registry hive. The attributes display correctly, but when
I put the identical syntax (${OU}) in the String Data entry for the registry
key, it is not interpreted -- rather I get the literal value "${OU}" in the

Looks like a bug to me. Can anyone confirm this, or tell me what I am doing