First thing;
We had a MTA closed between 2 sites tonight.
The traffic flow between the sites IS/WAS up so the error is only
related to GW. We've had this issue from time to time without ever
sorting out the reason behind it.

Usually, we simply rename mshold and restart the MTA on both sides and
then re-insert the files from dir's 4 & 5 into wpcsin and almost
everytime, this works out ok.

But,, now, tonight there's to things coming into play at the same time

1. We got the MTA on one side with a subdir 1 under mshold with approx
1.400 files.

2. We did a user-move between to PO's ( a live move) earlier tonight
which was reported as "OK".

This user was moved from Office A to Office B, while the MTA to MTA
error was between Office B and Office C.
So, it might not and should not be related except for the fact that
once, this Office A user was previous move from office C... so it
might be related anyway ?

Sorting it out;
User xxx was at Office C a year ago.
-moved to Office A

-move from Office A to Office B

and,, this MIGHT be related to the mta-to-mta closure between C and A

Bottom line, should I or should I NOT re-insert the files from
mshold-que 1 into the system again ? Is it safe to or is it safe NOT
to ?

Worth mentioning;
1. gwcheck done before move was OK.
2. user-move was reported as OK without errors.