Hello all,

I have imported many of our ZfD applications in to ZCM Bundles and they do work but incredibly slow. We have only the one primary ZCM server and we are running version 10.3.0 (pretty confident that is the correct version).

I have disabled the file checksum and speed has improved but it is still extremely slow.

An example of one of our larger applications:

on ZfD 7, it would install in roughly 5 minutes and now with ZCM, it takes nearly an hour.

Even the most simple old apps that took a few seconds seem to take 5-10 minutes to install. It is really quite frustrating.

Any ideas how to make these apps perform better? I know the best way is to use MSIs but not all of our apps are packaged that way.

I also am aware of using Admin Studio to create them as MSIs. Is there a newer version of Admin Studio for ZCM 10? The older version worked some of the time and I need something more reliable.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

Steve D.