Netstorage server OES2 SP1 (LNX)
Target servers NW65SP8 and OES2 SP2a (NSS Volumes)

A NEW OES2 SP2a server was placed into the users drive mapping scripts. The
Users Netstorage drive mapping works and is correct. However, the OES2 SP2a
(LNX) server does not display any folders or files. Just the drive map. In
the right hand pane for that drive letter is displayed "NetStorage
encountered an error while trying to access this location. "

The OES2 SP2a volume is NSS, has LONG name space, and is also using AFP. All
of this works correctly when accessing from a Novell client on the network.
Files are accessable etc.

Does it make any difference that the Netstorage server is on a older SP?

Obviously we are missing something here, but what?

Asking for help on this issue.