Using Netware 5.1 SP 6, BM 3.7 Sp 3 with field patch 4d, Clients 4.83 Sp 3
and 4 and 3.32.SP 3.

We had been fighting multiple abends during month of Jan and Feb, but
addition of field patch seemed to address these. Currently experiencing a
proxy lockup that results in a frozen console and a high pitched whine on
our Dell 2500 BM server. The console screen may or may not have useful
information and the console log (attached below) shows garbage and a long
list of URLs. After the lockup during the restart the console shows the
message about problem with file XXXXX length extended.

On the last lockup we did get the following console error message
Proxy 3.72-8 Novell Proxy encountered a fatal error: ReStateNotImplemented
callback was called for a request in state HTTP client waiting for reply
from origin server.

The log file is
NetWare 5.00 Directory Services Repair 10250.37, DS 8.85
Log file for server ".464781N.rcbm.rcps" in tree "RCPSTREE"
Time synchronization and server status information
Start: Monday, March 21, 2005 7:57:50 am Local Time

DS.NLM Replica Time Time is Time
Server name Version Depth Source in sync +/-
..FS2_CCC.rhslan.rcps 8.85 2 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-RHS-MAIN.rhslan.rcps 8.85 2 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-RCI-ADM.rcilan.rcps 8.85 2 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-RCI-CD1.rcilan.rcps 8.85 2 Secondary Yes 0
..NWR-RCE-R1.rcelan.rcps 8.85 2 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-RCE-ADM.rcelan.rcps 8.85 2 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-RHS-ADM.rhslan.rcps 8.85 0 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-SBO-MAIN.sbolan.rcps 8.85 0 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-RCI-MAIN.rcilan.rcps 8.85 0 Secondary Yes 0
..FS-RCE-MAIN.rcelan.rcps 8.85 0 Single Yes 0
..464781N.rcbm.rcps 8.85 0 Secondary Yes 0
The lockup starts next as designated by a line of blank boxes that will not
copy and paste from the logfile and then
193.208.43,, www.conservation.

AND MANY More similar

The time sync screen was generated this morning after a similar lockup and
restart that left us without any information either on the inaccessible
console screen or in the log. There was no other incident until around
1:00 pm when the machine locked up again and generated the information above.

There is no abend record.

This machine has been giving us trouble ever since Craig last visited it
about 4 months ago. It is a critical issue as we are intending to do
on-line testing in May and I need a dependable Internet connection. Your
thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks Nancy

Nancy B. Royall
Director of Technology
Richmond County Schools
Warsaw, VA 22572