I know this has been partially discussed in other forum posts, but here is the problem we are facing.

Our Moto Droid 2, which is running 2.2, and Moto Droid X, which is running 2.1, have some strange email date sync issues.

On the droid 2, all older email syncs with the date Dec 31, 1969. New email appears to be received fine.

On the droid x, all older email syncs with the current date/time. However, when I browse to a new folder, such as sent, the date time synced will be dec 31, 1969.

I've tried removing the users from both connectors, readding the users, same issue appears.

This only seems to affect email, not calendar appointments.

Here is our environment:
Sles 11 Sp1
GW POA 801 HP 1
Mobility build 97

If there is any other information I can provide, such as log files, please let me know.