Monday afternoon, I applied NetWare 6.5 servicepack 3 and BorderManager 3.8
servicepack 3 to our BorderManager.
Ever since, Terminal Server Authentication has stopped working for all
non-admin users!

The user gets the following message after logging in:

Access denied!

Error 403
Apache/2.0.52 (NETWARE) mod_jk/1.2.6a

The url in the address bar is:

The mini web server is configured to use port 444 instead of 443 to avoid
conflicts with Apache. However, I don't understand the Apache message ...
the login sequence isn't using Apache, is it?

I downloaded the latest proxy.cfg from the Craig Wilson website and only
enabled the two required settings for Terminal Server Authentication and
the [Authentication Addresses] section to include the ip address of the
terminal server.

I've noticed these things:
1. Admin users don't have any problems.
2. If I disable Terminal Server Authentication, there is no authentication
problem. However, this causes all terminal server users to have access to
the Internet until the session expires.
3. If I use the Java applet instead of the HTML form, it works. However, it
takes more than a minute to load the applet.

Any help would be appreciated.