We are having trouble accessing a secure site when going through our BorderManager server. This same site works fine when I setup a machine to access the internet directly by going around BM but still from our private network. The BM server is version 3.7 with bm37fp4e, tcp610jp, proxy.cfg revision 17 from Craig Johnson's website and the proxy and cache tuning tips performed from tid #10018669. This is all on a NetWare 6 server with Support Pack version 5 loaded. Also packet filtering has never been setup and is not being performed on the server but we are using NAT. I can get to the initial web page www.emgames.com but when I attempt to login to the server the machine sits there for about 2 minutes trying and then displays the standard windows error page saying "The page cannot be displayed the site is unavailable right now". We can access other SSL sites without any problem but this is putting up a fight. I have run out of things to try and I hope one of you have some ideas. Thanks for help you have.

Terry Wilken
Byron School District