These are issues we are still seeing currently on 95 and 97 builds hope they are not repeats: I have 2 servers and multiple testers 1 on each build

1) In the web interface when clicking on the monitor it sometimes times out and eventually I see "Please make sure that the connector is started and running! " Even though it is running and most users are synching fine. (Build 97).

2) We still periodically see the "cannot connect" error on the iphones/ipads. Sometimes but not all the time doing a reset of the device has caused this to go away. (both 95 and 97 builds)

3) Users names are sometimes truncated. (both 95 and 97 builds)

4) Shared calendar items that show up in the default calendar are not showing up on phones even though the item is checked in the list of available calendars. This one is important to management as they would like to have a campus calendar and advertise the ability to have that displayed on users mobile devices especially for students.