Good Day

I have installed Mail Proxy at many locations, but last night (these things
happen on the eve of public holidays) a new customer was completely swamped
with SPAM Relay attack and it occured to me that BM did not seem to be able
to deal with this.

The symptoms are the server drops dead and becomes completely unusable. So
we had to hard restart, something that always gives me the heeby jeebies!

The server comes up and the proxy.nlm loads, but locks the server.

Eventually, we managed to rename the \proxy\spool folder and start the proxy
again to see we were attracting about 800 messages a minute till the disk
locked up.

When I had a look at the message content, I realise they were all relay
attempts form an ISP in China (* to all kinds of other addresses
and it dawned on me after some testing that using BM38SP3 on NW65SP2 the
attemted relay is not denied, but the message is stored in BM for a while,
till it times out.

To illustrate this, anybody, it seems can give the BM server a message to
relay, but although the BM server does not relay it, the message sits in the
bm spool\outgoing folders till it times out.

How can I get BM to give a very definite [relay denied] message to requests
form outside? The messages are clearly not form our domain and there is no
evidence that they have been spoofed, they are all blatantly from
* So the spammer thinks the messages are getting relayed because
BM is accepting them, although not sending them out. The result is that
spammers are filling up my spool folder real quick.

What is different in this setup is that the customer has insisted we place
the BM server in a DMZ and it therefore has no public address as such,
should I mark the adapters as public anyway? It has two ip addresses bound,
one for mail and another for http.

What is the purpose of the new 'EnableAntispamFeature=1' switch and how does
it work (there is no documentation I can find) and what is the function of
the new configuration switches '' that the new SP
allows, what do they do?

Allright, so I have read the manuals and I am still having this spam
problem, please let me know if there is anymore details anybody requires to
help me resolve this.

As usual, the best working suggestion secures a free lunch in New Zealand
(travel not included, conditions apply).

Have a great weekend.