I have configured a restore area for our GW 8.0.2 system (linux-based).
Restoring all deleted mails for a user via ConsoleOne works fine.

I also have managed to enter the UNC path in a way the Groupwise client
understands, so that I can access the restore area with the client (very
slow connect, but works).

But: this causes the client to access the backup volume via NCP and I
don't want to give users file access.

Documentation says:
"If you want users to be able to retrieve individual items themselves,
you can grant users Read,
Write, and File Scan rights to the restore area. However, if the
GroupWise client is unable to
connect directly to the restore area, it requests the information from
the POA, so user access
rights are not required."

Therefor it should be possible to access the restore area from the client
via POA. But how do I have to configure the restore area or client? I can
not remove the UNC path from the restore area configuration and the
client on the other hand always tries to use this path...

Thanks in advance,