I have an OES 2 sp1 server that through a series of failed patches, eDir
changes, etc, is just not healthy. I've decided I need to wipe it out and
re-install from scratch, going to OES2 sp2 x64 while I'm at it. It's one of
6 cluster nodes running GW 8, DHCP, DNS, shared NSS volumes.

What things do I need to take into consideration for this that I might
otherwise miss? Doing the OS and OES is easy, it's the fiddly bits I'm
worried about:

1) The server has a 3rd party wildcard SSL cert. Where do I find those
files, and can they just be copied off safely and then back onto the new
server? What files need to be updated to use those certs instead of the
default server certs?

2) SAN/multipath drivers - I'll talk to our vendor on this one

3) anything else I need to document and backup before doing this?


Todd Bowman