##### Short version #####

How do I fix "registration with IP management framework failed -1" and "unable to update the SOA record for domainname.org.zenworks with error 25" ?

###### Long version ######

I have a Netware eDir network, with integrated DNS. The lan is / The DMZ range is x.x.x.151 Ė x.x.x.156. I have a virtual Netware 6.5 SP4 DNS server / web server in the DMZ, called NS1, which runs 2 websites. Website A is .153 (same as NS1) and website B is .156. This server was the public name server for the domain, and they had a couple of AT&T DNS servers as NS2 & NS3. This server also only resides in the DMZ; it does not have a card connecting it to the lan. NS1 does not appear in the tree.

In addition to the public nameserver, I have 3 DNS servers in the lan.

Today we moved from AT&T internet to a new provider. I logged in to the Sonicwall (pro 3060) and I changed the wan & dmz settings, and reconfigured the address groups and objects. Once this was done I was able to connect to the internet again.

I then proceeded to edit the settings on NS1. I initially did this manually in the text file, because I didnít realize it would cause the server to fail. After getting the warning that the server detected a change and would not run the config, I then went to inetcfg and entered the address. I put in the IP for the server itself, which is x.x.x.153. I thought I was supposed to have a second binding on this card for the x.x.x.156 address, but when I put that in, the server would not load the board. So I did something wrong there. I removed that .156 entry and right now that site is offline.

Next I went to the DNS / DHCP applet. I created the in.addr.arpa zone and added the www and my 2nd website which is offline. Saved the zone to NDS. I deleted the old AT&T zone, refreshed the tree.

I then went back to NS1 to troubleshoot the .156 problem, but discovered that named.nlm would not load. I get this error:

ďStarting eDirectory integrated DNS server
Critical: registration with IP management framework failed -1
Critical: loading configuration: failure
Critical: exiting (due to fatal error)
DNS server has unloaded successfully
DNS server exitingĒ

I attempted to find the problem but I came up with nothing. So at the end, I changed nameservers to network solutions, created the records for the www and mx there, and thought the www would be working by now. (The mail server hasnít been changed yet, Iím waiting to fix this first) I still cannot load the website at .153, and right now the server isnít answering a ping either. I thought this may be due to the Sonicwall configuration, but I have so little experience with this setup that I donít know where to start. And besides that, DNS is definitely not working on NS1.

I have also noticed that my internal DNS servers now say,

ďUnable to set journal, log attribute, or SOA sr. no. with error 25.
unable to update the SOA record for domainname.org.zenworks with error 25Ē

I donít know when they started returning that error. I didnít look at them until the end.

I would like to return the DNS back to the NS1 machine, but I am at a loss now.

So my questions are,

What in the world happened to the DNS and how do I fix it?

Would it be useful to add a lan IP to the NS1? Can it really be an integrated DNS when it only has a public IP and the other nameservers only have internal IPs? I don't really get how this DNS interacts with the tree. Is there a best practice for this?

I inherited this setup so unfortunately I donít know the logic behind it.