nw6.0.5, 3Gig RAM. Dedicated cache volumes on HW RAID 1 (SmartArray) 2x
32 Gig tfs, no LONG / suballoc / compression, 64k blocks.


upgraded few weeks ago from BM3.6EE to be prepared for upgrade from
NW6.0 to NW6.5

From then on the proxy.nlm is working all day long very nicely. At
evening time it *CAN* be unloaded without problems.

Every morning there is the same problem showing up: Either from the
start of business hours ( 8:00 AM) or with some delay to e.g. 9:00 AM
the internet access becomes AWFUL slow. When this occures, the
PROXY.NLM cannot be unloaded any more.

1.) what might cause this?

2.) can PROXY.NLM and all its functionality be loaded protected to
later do a unload kill ....?

Regards, Rudi.