I have a strange issue. last saterday i replaced the motherboards of three HP DL380G6 servers, there is an HW issue with the production date of this hardware.

After change of the HW, the cluster resources does not start automatically, when booting the servers. The resources come in state 'offline'(except the master IP resource). When start manually, the cluster resources works fine. I checked the eDirectory , and changed also the startup parameter of the cluster (autostart-manually-autostart) but with no results.

When i create a new (simple) CL-resource, i have the same issue with this resource. Only the master ip CL-resource starts automatically??

Does anyone have an answer for this problem....
Thanks in advanced

3-node SLES9sp3 SLES/OES1 cluster (i know its old...)
- iSCSI connection to an SLES11-SAN