We are running NW65SP2 with BM38SP3 and have a web site that keeps returning
to the log-in screen over and over and over, etc., when a user tries to log
in now that they've updated their website/interface. If I set the browser
for "direct connect" everything works fine. Their tech support people want
me to create an exception in BM to permit their domain to bypass the proxy
which I tried what I thought would work, but still no luck.

The domain is unitedstreaming.com although we access it through
www.unitedstreaming.com or www5.unitedstreaming.com. The latter is the
"new" site. Prior to their bringing their "new" web interface on-line
earlier this year, we had no problems. However, since it works fine on a
"direct connection", they say the problem is in our BM proxy. To further
complicate things, it works fine here and at our junior high which are both
on BM38SP3 as is the troubled proxy.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what is going on and how to troubleshoot
and/or correct it?