Hi I wonder how to get true this steps that is bothering me.

Create a base Win7 image+nicdrivers, with addon image script that use HP SSM to install drivers for that specific HW from a repository/SoftPaq Download Manager. Then addon images for novellclient, zaa, WU etc.

I already have made a win7 ISO that has a autounattend.xml in it. That installation is silent except the partitioning question.

My Problem
Dont know hav to create a zmg image from that ISO, the rest I have done before, just not been playing with th image part get.

I'm stuck at the moment and would like some advice on how to go forward from here.

Can't ghost becouse as I understand it the thirdparty imaging only works if the server is a windows server. The One I have is a sles11/zcm10.3.1.