We've been getting this for a while now, when people log in in the morning
everything is fine, but when they have to reboot every now and then it will
fail to map a certain drive. For some reason it is always the same drive
that fails, even after migrating the old NW6.5 server that hosted it to a
new SLES OES2sp1 server.
From what I can see is that it does not break the user connection on the
SLES server when someone reboots, then when the client comes back up it will
try to log in that 1 server will not let them. I've seen more people with
this problem but no definitive sollution.
This is on XPsp3 with 4.91sp5 client, patched up to may, eDir is healthy and
time is in sync.
Any ideas what might be causing this ?