A brief description of my environment:

I have 5 Windows Server 2008 as Primary Server with ZCM 10.3.1 with a dedicated external MS-SQL 2005 Database.

My desktops are Windows XP SP2 & SP3 with ZEN Agent 10.3.1 (clean install).

I've noticed that at random my desktops not read the configuration, if I do a right click on ZENAgent Icon I can see that the "Next server contact" is "Not Schedule" or the Inventory Link is not present.

I have been looking on the Agent Logs, but I can't find anything that tell me the reason. Also I have been looking on Novell Support and Forums and not luck.

I have noticed one thing on the Agent Logs, when the desktop not read the configuration, no entries found about "zenworks-inventorywebservice" "zenworks-zoneconfig" and "zenworks-setting-lookup" webservices contact. May not contact any other webservice, these are the ones that I have located recently.

When the desktop read the configuration, contact entries about these webservices are found on the Agent Log.

I need help to discover what is wrong.

Thanks in advance