I have 2 BM servers - 3.8 sp3 - that I am trying to use Hierarchy routing. I
have NAT2 talking to NAT1 for everything right now, which is fine. NAT1 is
the firewall to the public internet. But I have web servers on the private
side that I want NAT2 to query directly, without going through NAT1. This
creates too much load on NAT1, and unnecessary delay.

What I think I want to do is under the Cache Hierarchy Routing tab on NAT 2,
add the web server names that I want it to go to directly - web1.doman.org
for example. But I am not 100% sure this will work. Also, it states local
domain name, rather than host name. I don't want the entire local domain,
since one of the sites is actually hosted off-site with a public IP address.

Is this what I want to do? Am I confused as to what I want to do?
Thanks for any help,