We have ZCM 10.3.0 in a school environment.
We have created a DLU policy for the teachers with the setting of nonvolatile user (User exist local on ws after logout).
We still us the Novell Client 2 Sp1 for windows.
All the teachres must change the password after a 90 day period.
The Teachers also log in on several ws during their workday.
So, techaer now log in on ws1. DLU create a new user and does not delete it while logoff. This works fine.
Now he login later on ws2. in the meantime the 90 day period is out and he must change his password. This works also and the dlu create a user on ws2.

Problem is now if the teacher login later on ws1. He can log on eDirectory but not with the new password on windows. This user has no information about the password change from ws2.
He has to use the old password for the windows login

What is the best solution for this environment?