Good Morning,

I have been having multiple problems while trying to update 3 servers from SLES 10.2 / OES2 SP1 to SLES 10.3 / OES2 SP2 using the Online Updates.

I am getting the issues resolved one by one.

When I get each server up to date, how would I go about verifying that I am where I should be with the products and subscribed Catalogs ?

Would product verification just be the "rug products" command and it would show the correct installed products ? i.e SLES 10.3 & OES2 SP2 ?

As for Subscribed Catalogs, most of the SLES servers I am running are slightly different with the catalogs that are checked off in the "configure" section of the software updater. After an update is complete, which catalogs should be selected ?

Thank you,