I have a site that has a case management system that replicates data from a central server. It uses a replication "queue" so there isn't actually any file comparing that goes on - it just send the documents it's told to send.

The replication got behind, because of bandwidth issues, and we were instructed to copy the data here in Denver, send it to the other sites, back up what's on the other site's servers to a second location, replace the data with what we have, and then copy in only "newer" files. Problem is, the master data is 2 hours behind one of the sites due to time zone, and so that site shows just about everything as newer of course.

Robocopy only seems to manage DST changes, but not full time zone changes. Any ideas other than comparing directories? The original directories had 8000ish files - now they have 28000 so it would be a bear to do manually.