Hi all !!!,

Im getting one issue with my bordermanager 3.7 SP2. Actually im logging
all the proxy activity in a Common format. Whe i started to read log by
log i founded some lines without user.

I know that someones could be originated by apps like gator ...

10.x.xxx.xx - - [03/Jan/2005:08:24:25 -0300] "GET
http://bc2.gator.com/gbsf/gb/23840/23840-26.gbd3ze HTTP/1.0" 200 861

But other,like this, looks like a user activity but not reconized by the
bordermanager !!!

10.xx.xxx.x - - [03/Jan/2005:08:30:40 -0300] "GET
HTTP/1.0" 302 1734

Any Ideas ???

thks in advance