couple questions:

first, should we even be running the xp client firewall, which turns itself
on by default w/ spk2? do we really need it, considering we're behind BM?
we do have a few laptops that might leave the building, and connect to "who
knows what", so they should probably have it on....

and just for curiosity's sake: clientrust doesn't work w/ the firewall
enabled. with the port blocked, it never hears the request from the BM
proxy. I've found the other threads that say to open port 3024....ok, fine.
but I've also noticed that other programs do seem to work throught the
windoze firewall, if added to the exception list in the firewall control
applet. Windows figures out dpmw32 (NDPS) all by itself, and asks "do you
want to enable this?". The zenworks remote control agent does not work
automatically, however, if I add the .exe to the list of exceptions, it
works just fine. but adding "clntrust.exe" to this list has no effect.
wondering why the difference? perhaps because the remote agent runs
locally, and clntrust runs from the network?