we are having some challenges in Teaming when it comes to Tags:

a customer has n-Users tagging entries. When User A tags his entries, and later on tries to find the entry again via the Search Tag entry at the top, it wont show up -sometimes-. Neither will it show up if You press "space" (wild card) or start typing. Again, sometimes. Which is the hard part.

Its kind of hard to reconstruct in our system, and cant find a real screw to fine-tune:

- it is definitely a personal tag that the user himself has typed in before, not a personal tag that someone else now is trying to find

- the search IS upper-lower case touchy; if entry1 has a tag in uppercase, and i tag entry2 with the same entry but in lowercase, only 1 will show up, and it doesnt matter if I type upper- or lowercase.

- can it be that if one uses a Tag that is actually a "link" that TEaming would find, that it also is not searchable? e.g. the User "admin" exists, I give a tag called "admin", and it doesnt show up in the Tag search. Why would i do this? just to test if it is maybe not possible to tag something that is an entry somewhere else in Teaming.