I'm in the process of upgrading my GW7 system to GW801. Right now all of my clients are running version 703. My terminal server is also running the 703 gw client. The plan is to upgrade the clients with zen to 801 which should take about a week. Until all of the desktops are converted to gw8 I figured I'd leave the client on the terminal server at gw703 and then convert it last. Since it should be no more than a week do you think that there will be a major problem if someone with a gw8 client on their desktop goes home and hits the terminal server and then runs the gw7 client on the terminal server? They would then come back to work and use the gw8 client on their pc's. The alternative is to upgrade the terminal server to gw8 but then the reverse could happen where a gw7 client that hasn't been converted yet hits the terminal server which would have gw8 on it. Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.