I am not too sure if this is the right group, so apologies if it is not.
Is BM3.8 SP2 (NW6.5 SP2) supposed to clear out old cache or directory
entries automatically? Is the directory entries (available to look at
through NRM) supposed to reach 98% as this happens within a day or two
and what are the directory entries? I have 5 cache volumes each 5Gb in
size. These fill up within about a week. Once the directory entries and
cache start to fill up around 95% - 99% the internet starts going very
slow and some times sites cannot be accessed. At this point I have to
issue a proxy -cc. If it is supposed to clear out old cache etc. is it
turned on automatically or do you have to manually do it? How do I
check? (if this is possible).

BM 3.8 is only acting as a proxy and banning sites I have a seperate
firewall in place.

The hardware is:

Dual 3.0Ghz Zeon Processors 1Mb Cache
4 x 73Gb U320 Scsi disks
2 x 1Gb Nic

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.