Hi all,
User notified me that he is abble to connect (HTC Windows Mobile) to his mailbox only when empty (no) password was set on phone. His GW mailbox have password. He check this o 2 or 3 configured in DataSync mailboxes. Also users with "needed password change" in eDirectory couldn't connect. When option to change password in every 30 days is unchecked users are able to synchronize but no password (empty password) on their phones is set. They are able to synchronize data.
Grupwise 8.0.2 running on 2 servers cluster OES2SP2 64 bit fully patched on both computers. Datasynchronizer runs on virtualized SLES11SP1.
Anyone found this problem ?
Hope this is clear - sorry for my poor english.
I have second customer running Datasynchronizer without this "feature".