We are using BorderManager in conjunction with BESS, a content filter
made by N2H2 Corporation. The content filter is working fine, blocking
students ability to get to inappropriate web site.

I am asked every few weeks to take a look at the log files for our
filter when somebody suspects a student of using the web for something
inappropriate. The only way I know how to access this information is
not very flexible. I have to put in a date and time range I want to see
the log file. Many times I get the request to supply a list of all the
sites a particular student has been to over the past week. Since I can
only supply a date and time range to pull these log files by, this
request is difficult to fill.

When I do put in a range spanning one day (24 hours) it can take 30
minutes for NWAdmin to grind through all the log files. I then have to
export this file and pull it into excel to complete this work. The log
file at this point has every student and staff member on campus
activity during this time period. I can sort it by user name and then
locate the one student I am after.

Is there any way within the tools that Novell provides to extract log
activity using different parameters other than a date and time range?
by user? by all sites denied?

Are there any third party pieces that would make this easier?