Just this year, we deployed GW 8.0.2 client. We image all of our machines
with the same image, and Groupwise is installed individually on each machine
as part of the build process (it's not crammed into the sysprepped image).
All of our machines are Windows XP SP3 (for the record).

Users are saying that they can write up an email, and either go to send or
add an attachment, and the client just up and quits. There is no error
message. There is nothing that we can find in any log file. This is being
reported for different users across different post offices. Anti-virus
isn't reporting any events either

Where would be begin to look in order to diagnose or solve this problem,
especially if there's no error message to go on? I've looked everywhere I
can think of. I would think it's a user/po DB problem, but it's happening
with different users across different POs.

Any suggestions?