Hi everyone

We have 2 office locations. Right now we have one physical server at
the HQ location. There are 200 Users

I have been asked to setup a seperate GW server at the 2nd site to allow
GW to continue to function if the following happens

* Power is lost at HQ
* Internet link is down @ HQ
* Server fails @ HQ

Of those 200 users we have about 50 users with laptops that come in via
either webaccess or vpn in to get at their email

* mobile users would access their mail from 2nd location if they can't
reach HQ

I plan on at least setting up a POA at the 2nd location for those users.
Should I do a secondary Domain there too? Probably 2nd GWIA too. and
WebAccess too

Now We can't afford a data center somewhere

Any suggestions out there? Anyone else figure this out?

Apprieciate your comments